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Used with permission from Yule Lads & Other Legends Coloring Book

Kertasníkir (Candle Sneaker) Spot the Differences.
Ages 6-9

Puffin Page
Ages 6-9
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Two on One Page!
Yule Lads Cryptogram Ages 8-10
Door Sniffer Matching Ages 5+

Yule Lads Word Scramble
Ages 8+

Bjúgnakrækir (Sausage Swiper) Maze
Ages 5-7

Door Slammer - Hurðaskellir coloring page

Door Sniffer - Gáttaþefur coloring page

Gully Gawk - Giljagaur coloring page

Candle Beggar - Kertasnikir coloring page

Sausage Swiper - Bjúgnakrækir coloring page

Pot Scraper - Pottaskefill coloring page

Meat Hook - Ketkrókur coloring page

Skyr Gobbler - Skyrgámur coloring page

Window Peeper - Gluggagægir coloring page

Stufur - Stúfur coloring page

Spoon Licker - Þvörusleikir coloring page

Sheep Cote Clod - Stekkjastaur coloring page

Bowl Licker - Askasleikir coloring page

Gryla coloring page

The Christmas Cat - Jólakötturinn coloring page